Erasmus RSRC 2XV vs. DSR-C 2 1-3-2015: Match Report

At the first of march 2015 the RSRC 2XV had a match against the second team of DSR streepje C. This match was on a beautiful Sunday, supported by some nice weather and the trusted voice of Meindert Osinga. After a good warming-up by the guidance of our trusted captain Frank ‘make them bleed’ Hoogenboom, […]

Erasmus RSRC 3XV vs. Bredase Rugby Club 2 22-2-2015: Match Report

3XV had another win on Sunday February 22nd. Even though many players were injured or could not come to the game,they were helped by a number of players from the 1XV and 2XV. The Brabantine opponent was more heavy than skillful, and on top of that the boys played was an excellent match, resulting in […]

RRC 3 / Dordtsche RC vs. RSRC 3XV 15-2-2015: Match Report

De zon scheen, de bal was niet rond, de tegenstander kwam uit de goede stad maar de verkeerde buurt, we speelden, zij scoorden, wij scoorden meer, de douche was heet, de mand terecht, de maandag heerlijk. 3XV. Final score: RRC 3 / Dordtsche RC – Erasmus RSRC 3XV: 15-40

RRC 2 vs. RSRC 2XV 15-2-2015: Match Report

The day after Valentine’s day, which all players surely spent wanking furiously, RSRC 2XV was to play that other, less awesome team that is located in Rotterdam: RRC 2, the current number one in the competition. This day, however, was not Valentine’s day. This day was Sunday, and as you all know: Sunday is a […]

RSRC Movember

It is December already, and Mustache November has passed way too quick. A select group (the awesome ones) of our club, have tried the last 30 days to imitate overly manly men. We’ve brought fear to our opponents with our rough appearances, and protection to every damsel in distress. But all was for a good […]

RSRC 1XV vs. RFC Gouda 23-11-2014

MATCH REPORT Those involved at any level of rugby will know that if anything, there are few certainties in the game. At the Bears’ Cave, the Erasmus RSRC welcomed RFC Gouda. With both teams struggling to find successive wins in the season so far, the match was geared up to be a tight one. Gouda, […]


Jonghe Honden Toernooi – 26 november 2014

Op woensdag 26 november organiseert RSRC het jaarlijkse Jonghe Honden Toernooi. Jonghe Honden van de volgende teams zullen op deze dag strijden om de eerste plaats: AMC USRS SRC Thor ESRC The Elephants SVRC VSRC GSRC TSRC Tarantula RSRC ASRV Ascrum DSR-C De wedstrijden zullen beginnen om 18:00.

REL vs. RSRC 1XV 9-11-2014: Match Report

With just a few wins in the league for the Rotterdam boys, heading down to Etten-Leur to face a REL team yet to secure a victory seemed like a good chance for a rare win in what has been a challenging season up until now. A dry warm day with fantastic conditions underfoot meant that […]