Young dog tournament and Betonnacht

Friday the 23rd of November, the Rotterdamse Studenten Rugby Club hosted the first Young Dog Tournament of the ’18-’19 season. With 12 Young Dog teams from all over the Netherlands coming to the Maasstad, 300 pizza’s from Pastorale and final touch in the Bikini called Betonnacht, it is save to say it was a great succes.

The Tournament started off with a game between R.S.R.C. and Virgiel. In the last few months our young dogs have progressed greatly and they showcased this during the first game. A great win made our doggies confident for the next game against ascrum. This game promised to be a though game, however, through hardship we see true character, and our young dogs have shown that this match. A win against ascrum secured their position in the finals of the tournament. R.S.R.C. eventually stayed unbeaten during the poule fase as our Young Dogs secured a win over the mix team DSR&C/LSRG/Nog iets.

The final was played between two teams we wished for, R.S.R.C. versus USRS. After the massive defeat our Youngs Dogs led in their first Young Dog game against USRS, they were fired up to show why Rotterdam still is and will be the greatest of the Great5. It is however, truly regrettable that the guys from RUS lined up a team with many experienced players, but this did not scare our doggies. I have never seen such passionate defense 53 centimeters from our try line, I have never seen such deep lines from inexperienced players and I have never seen such a team become one unity in just 20 minutes. Unfortunately, we lost the game, but great courage charactized our Young Dog team!

During the tournament, the new NSRB board was installed as well and of course the R.S.R.C. is greatly present in it. Eduard Jansen will fulfill the position of President and Daniel Rodenburg will fulfill the position of Game Secretary for the coming year!

To end the Young Dog tournament in a blast, together with the RSC/RVSV we organized the Betonnacht. A party which finds its origins in our lustrum celebrations every five year. The combination of a Bikini filled with 300 rugbyers, liquid gold and great tunes, is the perfect recipe for a party ending at 0530!