Rotterdamse Studenten live up to the ambitions after a successful season.

When the Rotterdam Students presented their new coaching staff in the middle of the Corona pandemic, Rugby Netherlands was surprised. It appeared that experienced Ereklasse coaches Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler had reached an agreement to come and coach the RSRC, who were in steady in the Second Division the previous year. Not only that, […]

Extension of coaching cooperation Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler

Two years ago, the Rotterdamse Student Rugby Club was strengthened with the coaching duo of Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler. Their knowledge and experience at the Ereklasse level, in combination with their knack for training young student talents, turned out to be a successful recipe for the RSRC. Due to the enthusiasm of the coaches […]

Continued cooperation RSRC and current coaching staff

Known to most already, the Rotterdam Student RC has been strengthened yet again by the coaching duo Michiel Snijders and Barro Kessler. Our acquaintance was made through a long and intensive pre-season with stamina to kill for as a result. Our knives continued to be sharpened and our goals were (and still are) unforgiving: double […]

Season schedule 1st Fase ”20-”21 has been announced

After a period of waiting and a long period of inactivity in the competition, Rugby Nederland has (subject to reservation) announced the season planning for the 1st phase of the season “20-“21. RSRC 1XV (2nd Division South) RSRC 2XV (4th Division South-West) RSRC 3XV (4th Division North-West)

Interview with Michiel Snijders & Barro Kessler

As far as necessary, can you introduce yourself? Michiel:          My name is Michiel Snijders, 49 years old and soon to be 50…, I live in The Hague, where I also started my rugby career. Also, I studied in Leiden and am currently working in the learning industry and rugby. At the […]

RSRC 1XV wins against RC Tilburg 1

After having played away games for 8 weeks, due to some rescheduling by Mr WedSec, Dennis, and Ciara, we finally got to play at our own beautiful Bears’ Cave again. This time was the third time we got to play the gentlemen from Tilburg(er). The two times we played in Tilburg this season were won […]

RSRC 1XV vs Hookers 2 Match Report 12/1/20

New decade, New subcoats, same old geil rugbyers von de RSRC. The Rotterdam Students began the second half of the 19/20 season with a fixture against RC the Hookers. The students’ first challenge came in waking up the game’s referee for kick off, which lead to some necessary improvisation in game preparations but did allow […]

1XV seals third consecutive win!

Last Sunday our match at home against Bekaro was played in more traditional XV conditions, on a blubbery pitch with a slippery ball. Our goal was to achieve a season-first: three consecutive wins. Due to several injuries in key positions, the Rotterdam students started with an unfamiliar set up, which was notable during the opening […]

Former RSRC coach Arno Mansveld lands Netherlands U16 position

Arno Mansveld, assistant coach of RSRC and head of strength and conditioning up until 2017, has assumed a new role. Rugby Nederland has announced that Mansveld will lead Jonge Oranje U16, the national selection of promising rugby players of 16 years of age or younger. Mansveld commented the following on his new role: “I am very excited […]