Are you a foreign rugby player and are you going to study in Rotterdam? Then the RSRC might be the thing for you.

The RSRC is a multinational club aimed at both high-level rugby and social-level rugby. We play at the second highest level in Holland, outperforming quite a few other student rugbyclubs. We also play at lower levels, allowing us to offer anyone the correct level of rugby for them to perform at.

Although the RSRC is a Dutch club in nature, we are no longer fully a Dutch club, as internationals have slowly been dripping into the club. As of now, roughly a quarter of the RSRC members is international, and we are really glad they have joined us, as they add a lot to the club, apart from the English language.

We hope to welcome you soon at our awesome club!

If you are interested in joining the RSRC, send Philip Jonker a message at secretaris@rsrc.nl or call him: +31683208543.