Nipte nederlaag tegen Dukes 2 (Engelstalig wedstrijdverslag)

For the third game of the season the students from Rotterdam traveled to Den Bosch, bij Maaskantje witte wel, to seek for their second consecutive win. It promised to be a tough game, with Dukes 1XV having a weekend off and the rainy weather both being in the burger team’s favour. The student XV came out the changing room fiercely, ready to tackle whatever would come across, but it was Dukes who managed to make the first try, 5-0.

The wet ball caused knock-on after knock-on, which meant its was scrum-time! RSRC opted for a 3-2-3 formation in the scrum, where Dukes had a clear advantage positioning “Bosche bollen” with Ereklasse experience on front row. Rotterdam coach Ray Blackburn chose for Kevin Cakim on front row, who promoted to 1XV after a steady performance in the season opener. After hard work from the student’s pack it was Marc, with a “C”, who made his third try of the season, adding one to his goal tally and leaving winger Venema one behind as club topscorer, 5-7.

RSRC had the taste to grabbing after this try managing to make their second of the day before half time. Aron van Woerkom scored after a 35 meter solo, leaving the fat burgers behind on his moped. Unfortunately the ref whistled for the coffee break, because Dukes were clearly more in need of a breather than the fitter students.

With some tabasco up their asses RSRC began the second half dedicated to take the points back home. Although dominating the game for most part, it was Dukes who managed to level the score after a quick counter, finding the gap in the RSRC backline, 12-12.

In order to win the game the students had to up the pressure. Philip Jonker gave the right example by charging down one of the opposing scrum half’s kicks, unfortunately not recognised by the ref accordingly. RSRC “Ja-maar”de a bit too much, leaving the ref forced to call the penalty. A quick execution off the tap and go gave the home team the lead in the game, 19-12.

After this it was Dukes driving RSRC back to their own tryline. The carnavalskilo’s in the Dukes forward pack saw them dominating a 5 meter scrum after which RSRC survived for 3 phases but could not hold it for any longer, 26-12.

The big gap in points required creative solutions from the Rotterdam side, who relied on skipper Ed Jansen’s intuition. With a shock appearance on the Dukes side of the lineout he tried everything within his powers to turn the game around in his team’s favour. Unfortunately, the ref had to judge this as off-side after consulting the TMO. It did, on the other hand, gave RSRC the motivation and mindset to push for one last huzarenpiece of student flair. Rexwinkel gave a masterclass with a slick combination of hand-offs, side-steps and growling to pull one back for the Rotterdam side, 26-19.

Shortly after, the ref whistled for full time, leaving the students a few mimutes short to turn the game around completely. Dukes get the win, but the students have everything to be proud after a fierce, hard and fair fight against good opposition.

Final score

Marc Kranendonk, Aron van Woerkom, Pieter Rexwinkel

Daniël Rodenburg 2

O. Floris Smits
N. Boris Venema
M. Walt Knuppel
L. Iñaki Murua
K. Philip Jonker
J. Marc Kranenbef
I. Eduard Jansen
A. Daniël Rodenburg
B. Wouter Nommensen
C. Kevin Cakim
D. Roel Ruizeveld de Winter
E. Sam de Bode
F. Gianni Antonio Croes
H. Sam Dobbelaar
G. Felix Nieuwenhuizen
P. Beer Astro
Q. Pieter Rexwinkel
R. Joost de Rooij
S. Sjoerd Govaerts
T. Aron van Woerkom