3XV a.k.a. Team Awesome – FTW!!!, is the team everyone secretly wants to be a part of, but due to its strict admittance and initiation procedures almost nobody makes the cut. Too bad that they will never experience the joys of a ‘Thema Mandje’ or ‘Special Bakje’.
The team is primarily filled with players that enjoy working life and have years of 1st class experience, which pays of in their game. These players decided to take a step back in order for the younger players to gain some experience in 1XV and try to achieve the same level of glory and recognition.
The team is completed with somewhat older students and students that have outgrown 2XV, these players are mostly there to do the running, because the brittle bones and strained muscles of the older players prevent them in doing so (and their ‘welvaarts buikjes’ of course, although they will never admit this).
RSRC 3XV currently plays in Vierde Klasse Zuid of the NRB.

Alberto Rando Filipo Rivetti
Bart Jan Ros Gijs Pater
Bobby Bruinen Giorgio Rando
Hubertus van Well Giovanni Sozzi
Joost Buck Jan-Kees van den Akker
Julien Broersen Jos Noorlander
Ludy Derksen Matthijs Carpay
Max Moerman Meindert Osinga
Pieter van der Schalk Paul Grizell
Richard van Ravenstein Revelino Vieira
Rob Kramer Robbert Zuurbier(c)
Robbert Meevers Scholte Steven Hermans
Winfred Damler Vasco van den Berg
Wouter Hustinx Wessel Damen
Rik Teeuwen Wouter van Kelle
Zeno Derckx

A long time ago, RSRC had a team exclusively for old members of the club: the Old Bears. Unfortunately, the Bears are almost extinct but the ones still active currently play for 3XV.

2010-2011 — A. Devine
2009-2010 — P. Leembruggen
2008-2009 — M. Habibe
2007-2008 — R. Verhoeven
2006-2007 — F. Calje
2005-2006 — B. Witvoet
2004-2005 — M. van Noort
2003-2004 — M. Hassefras
2002-2003 — J. van Baarle
2001-2002 — F. Prinssen
2000-2001 — T. Hoyer
1999-2000 — G. Smith
1998-1999 — M. van Hellemond
1997-1998 — J. Vink
1996-1997 — B. Wissink
1995-1996 — D. Heuff
1994-1995 — G.J. Dirven
1993-1994 — K. Logger
1992-1993 — W.A. van Hattem
1991-1992 — W.J. Verheul
1990-1991 — P. Roszbach
1989-1990 — P. Roszbach
1988-1989 — R.J. Herbschleb
1987-1988 — A. van Voorst tot Voorst